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Bebette's Bunny Bridge: Direct Rehoming

Introducing Bebette's Bunny Bridge, a program by Bebette's Bunny Rescue designed to assist responsible rabbit owners in finding loving homes for their furry friends. With Bunny Bridge, you can connect directly with potential adopters, choose your preferred contact method, and share your bunny's story. We're here to support you in ensuring your bunny's happiness and safety. Join Bunny Bridge today and make rehoming your rabbit a simpler, more personalized experience.

We want to emphasize that we will not be screening potential adopters or owner surrenders in this program. This means you connect at your own risk. Please be aware that the bunnies listed are on our waiting list and have not yet entered our rescue.

**Prospective Adopters, We Encourage You to Be Informed: **

Before embarking on the journey of adopting a rabbit, we kindly urge you to conduct thorough research. Start by joining in our complimentary Bunny 101 class available on our YouTube channel. This resource is brimming with essential information to help you provide the best care for your future furry family member.

Additionally, when considering adoption, please request and review any available medical records, including spay/neuter documents, to ensure your new companion's well-being.

**For Owner Surrenders: **

If you're an owner contemplating surrender, we commend your commitment to finding the best possible home for your rabbit. To help with this important decision, we strongly recommend that you inquire about a potential adopter's indoor set-up and even request a photograph. Ensuring the right living environment is essential for your rabbit's happiness and safety. 

Together, we can make sure that every rabbit's journey into a new home is filled with love, care, and the best possible start.

Bunnies Being Rehomed

"Scout is a neutered, lions head rabbit around 9 months old. He is from a farm in NC. Scout stays in the laundry room and has open access to the living room. His cage is very large and contains a litter box, hay, toys, teething treats, and pellets. He’s able to come and go in the cage as he pleases. Scout uses a litter box to urinate 90% of the time and mostly (70%) uses the litter box for poop. Scout loves spinach, and the Timothy hay cubes.


Scout is very friendly, and loves check scratches. He does not seem scared or aware of other animals- specifically dogs. We have a dachshund and have acclimated both to each other over the past few months.


Issue: I believe Scout has anxiety issues, needs more stimulation, or a companion.  He has chewed his tail to a nub 3 times since coming to our house. He has had X-rays and been prescribed antibiotics all three times. His tail will heal and then he’ll somehow flare it up again. I would like to see him well adjusted and in a happy home, possibly with other bunnies. I cannot afford the vet costs for him continuing to bite his tail. I’d rather find a home for him to thrive in. "- Current Owner

Contact J. Short at for information on adopting Scout. 

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