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Surrendering a Bunny

If we have the space available, we do take in surrenders. We check their health, alter, microchip them, and then put them up for adoption in educated rabbit homes. We ask for a minimum $50 donation with each surrender to help with their essential care and spaying/neutering. We also keep in contact with you 24/7 so you can be a part of the process. Please fill out the following form and let us know if you need help finding their forever home.

If you can sponsor their spay/neuter, we can prioritize them. At this time, we pay $200 for each rabbit's altering surgery.

At this time, we have a waiting list of bunnies that need our help. Once your form is submitted, we will add you to the waiting list. We recommend fostering until we have a spot available and reaching out to your friends and family for assistance. If you post on social media, please require a picture of their indoor setup to ensure the rabbit's safety. Please try to stay away from breeders who are contributing to the rabbit overpopulation and those who eat them.

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