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Bebette’s Bunny Rescue FAQ

How do I adopt?

Visit our website to submit an adoption application. Come to the rescue to take our required bunny 101 class. Create a proper rabbit setup at home and send us a picture for approval. Lastly, pick up your new furry family member!


How much is it to adopt?

$125 for a single and $200 for a bonded pair. This includes their spay/neuter, microchip, nail trims, and potty training. The average spay/neuter cost in northeast Florida is $300.

How can I see adoptable bunnies?

Please visit our "Adopt Me" section on our website which has a Petfinder link. We have many more not listed immediately so please don't hesitate to ask if we have a bunny you are looking for.


I have a rabbit and I am looking for a vet. Whom do you recommend?

Exotic Bird Hospital is amazing! They do require the RHDV2 vaccine and microchip. For spaying and neutering, we use Hidden Hills Animal Hospital in Jacksonville.


Are there any exotic vets in Nassau County?

Only one, Dr. Branch, is not seeing any new patients at the moment.

Where can I take my rabbit to get spayed/neutered?

We recommend various exotic vet specialists.

Hidden Hills Animal Hospital in Arlington is an estimated $246 neuter and $264 spay after the initial visit which is $60.

Exotic Bird Hospital which charges around $130 for a new patient exam and then $450-$600 for altering surgery.

Rivers Edge Veterinary Clinic in Rivercity is $180 neuter and $200 spay ($15 for pain meds per bunny).


Can I foster?

Absolutely! We always need fosters! Please fill out a foster application on our website and have a proper rabbit set up ready.


What is a proper rabbit setup?

We have lots of examples! It is a dog exercise pen (we recommend 36 inches high), cat litter box, rabbit-safe litter (kiln dried pine pellets, carefresh, etc.), Oxbow timothy hay, Oxbow adult rabbit pellets, a water bowl or gravity water feeder, a regular bowl for pellets and veggies, and rabbit safe toys for enrichment.

How are rabbits with other animals?

It depends! A lot of our adopters have cats and dogs. We recommend slow introductions and always under supervision.

What if we adopt and we change our minds?

The rabbit must come back to us. We have adopters sign a contract stating if they ever have to rehome the rabbit, that he/she comes back to us so we may find their new home. The adoption fee is then a donation to our non-profit.


Can I adopt a rabbit to live outside?

Unfortunately no. In Florida, it is too hot and they can have a heat stroke. Rabbits can’t sweat and have a very fluffy fur coat that can make them overheat over 85 degrees. Parasites and illnesses such as fly strike, bot fly, and more are very common in outdoor bunnies. They would much rather be inside with their family members and hang out on the couch.

Can I adopt a rabbit that is not spayed/neutered?

No. All of our rabbits are spayed and neutered for their health. After the age of 3, over 80% of females get reproductive cancer. Males are closer to 50%. Altering the rabbits helps with litter box training, bonding, aggressive behaviors, and destructive habits, and doesn’t contribute to the overpopulation of bunnies.


Do you have education classes?

Yes! Please schedule a free tour with us to learn about bunnies including their diet, housing, nail trims, emergency kit, and GI stasis.


Are you a registered non-profit?

Yes! Bebette’s Bunny Rescue started in January of 2022 and is registered as a non-profit.


I have a bunny I need to rehome. Can you help?

We are usually always at full capacity so please fill out a surrender form on our website and I can add you to our waiting list. Rabbits who are spayed and neutered with proof will take priority. If you can sponsor their spay and neuter, we can also add them to the top of the list.

Are you on social media?

We are very active on Facebook but also on Instagram and TikTok.


How can we donate?

We sincerely appreciate any donations! We have a Chewy and an Amazon wish list on our website. Under the “Donate” tab, you can send money through PayPal. We also take checks, cash, and credit cards in person. Thank you for helping us save bunnies!

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